The Aftermarket Network

3-D Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer developer of limited edition luxury alloy wheels, utilizing patent pending 3-D wheel technology, ranaging from 18 - 26 inches.

5Zigen USA Inc.
Importer and exporter of specialty alloy wheels for high-performance cars and trucks.

Accessories Plus/MC Motorsports LLC
Manufacturer of custom forged wheels, accessories and adapters, specializing in motorcycle, truck and SUV applications.

Ace Alloy Wheel/Kanei Inc.
Manufacturer and designer of custom alloy wheels from 14 to 24 inches for the aftermarket, OEM and OES, including Ace and DeCorsa alloy wheels.

Advanced Metalforming Technologies
Contract manufacturer of forged aluminum one-piece wheels and multi-piece wheel products for automotive, motorcycle, commercial, racing and specialty markets.

Aicona Wheels
Manufacturer of luxury multi-piece forged wheels.

AKA Motoring Accessories Corp.
Manufacturer of performance wheels and auto accessories for SUVs and passenger vehicles.

Alcoa Forged Specialty Wheels
Manufacturer of forged aluminum wheels and accessories for pickups, SUVs, RVs, motorhomes, buses and medium- and heavy-duty trucks.

Alex Global Aerospace Technology Inc.
Manufacturer of forged wheels.

Allied Wheel Components Inc.
Manufacturer of two-piece steel, composite and one-, two-, three-piece forged/billet wheels for passenger cars and light trucks, with OEM wheels and tires for trailer manufacturers.

ALT Wheels
Manufacturer of ALT aluminum alloy and forged custom wheels. Popular styles available for most domestic and foreign passenger cars, SUV and truck applications.

Alujet Industrial Comercial Ltd.
Manufacturer of light alloy wheels for automobiles and pickups for the aftermarket, plus rings, bolts and nuts. Brand names: Binno and Rodao.

American Eagle Wheel Corp.
Manufacturer and wholesale distributor of one and two-piece auto, truck and motorcycle aluminum wheels with 43 distribution centers across the country.

American Racing Equipment
Manufacturer and distributor of one-piece and multi-piece aftermarket wheels for cars, trucks and SUVs, including American Racing line, American Racing Vintage, ATX Off-Road, Motegi Racing, Twenty Inches Strong (TIS), ROJA Motorsports and Dropstars.

Arceo Custom Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer and designer of custom wheels and light alloy wheels.

Armano Luxury Alloys
Manufacturer of OE and aftermarket wheels ranging from 12- to 26-inch diameter cast or forged constructions.

ASA Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of high-performance passenger-car and light-truck aluminum alloy wheels. Products range from one-piece casting wheels, spun-forged three-piece, and forged one- and two-piece wheels.

Autotech Accs. Inc.
Manufacturer of Tenzo turner wheels and Demoda concept wheels for truck, SUV and luxury vehicle applications, and sport seats and susppensions under the Tenzo brand name.

AutoWare Technologies LLC
Manufacturer of computer software for the automotive industry and the makers of Softwheels and Treadware.

Axis Sport Tuning
Importer of Axis wheels.

BBS of America Inc.
Manufacturer of multi piece alloy road wheels in cast aluminum for the aftermarket and OEMs, and magnesium one and multi piece competition wheels for the racing industry, plus track side service.

Billet Specialties Inc.
Manufacturer of true 6061-T6 billet aluminum wheels, steering wheels and auto and sport truck billet accessories.

Boyd Coddington Wheels
Manufacturer of forged and cast 1-, 2-, and 3-piece wheels.

Boze Alloys
Manufacturer of 2- and 3-piece forged wheels and custom billet parts.

Brabus USA L.P.
Distributor of tuning accessories for Mercedes-Benz automobiles.

Brentz Wheel Designs LLC
Manufacturer of forged-aluminum wheels specializing in dually trucks.

BSA Manufacturing SDN BHD
Manufacturer of quality alloy wheels sized 13 to 24 inch, in a variety of finishings and casting methods for passenger cars, off road trucks and SUVs.

Budnik Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer of quality forged-aluminum wheels and the longinal SplitGrip steering wheel for classic and performance cars, trucks and SUVs.

BZO Wheels
Manufacturer of luxury custom wheels and accessories for the truck and SUV markets.

Cabo Alloy Wheel
Manufacturer of custom aluminum alloy wheels for luxury cars and SUV applications.

California Pony Cars Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of early Ford Mustang parts.

Center Line Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer of one, two, and three piece Rotary Forged Wheels, Billet two-piece, and modular aluminum wheels for trucks, SUVs, military vehiles, cars, racecars, motorcycles and bicycles. Manufacturing forges wheel components for distribution worldwide.

Champion Wheel Co. Inc.
Manufacturer of racing-wheel bead locks.

Cheetah Racing Inc.
Manufacturer of low pressure cast wheels using Gema cast system and forged one, two and three piece wheels.

Chrome Tech Inc.
Manufacturer of chrome plater of aluminum wheels.

Colorado Custom
Manufacturer of precision custom aftermarket wheels, steering wheels and accessories machined from billet aluminum, plus wheel cleaners, polishes and motorcycle wheels.

Dare Auto Inc.
Manufacturer of precision custom aftermarket and OEM wheels from customer specifications, and motorcylce wheels, ATV wheels and other automotive accessories.

Davin Inc.
Manufacturer of high-end custom wheels, specializing in new and innovative wheel products including ''continuous motion'' custom wheels.

Diablo Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer of three-piece high-end wheels for luxury and exotic cars, as well as SUVs.

Dima Machine Shop Inc.
Manufacturer of custom dually wheels.

DNA Specialty Inc.
Manufacturer of XTC luxury alloys, Omni racing wheels, Spetrum wheels, Luxor wire wheels, proline wheel accessories, Z-Power performance and suspension. Also manufactures specialty OEM products and a complete line of aftermarket H-D products.

Donz Wheelz Corporation
Manufacturer of luxury wheels.

Dooray Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer of Equus, Pasati, Ferani and Bliss custom wheels.

Eco Wheel Corp.
Manufacturer of 1-piece chrome plate, cast aluminum wheels for the aftermarket.

EMD Square Ltd.
Manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheels and accessories for the automotive aftermarket.

Worldwide manufacturer of aftermarket and OEM aluminum wheels.

Extreme Auto Accessories
Manufacturer and distributor of Rennen high-performance products, including wheels, exhaust and auto accessories. We offer luxury and racing alloy wheels, one-piece cast and two-piece forged.

Factory Reproductions Inc.
Manufacturer of replica OE alloy wheels for domestic and foreign cars, trucks and sport-utility vehicles.

Ferretti Luxury Alloys
Manufacturer of high-end luxury alloy wheels made in 17-, 18-, 20- and 22-inch sizes for most cars, trucks and SUVs.

Forgeline Motorsports LLC
Manufacturer of forgeline 3-piece forged wheels and wholesale distributor of high-end wheels and accessories from MOMO, Toyo, BBS and Dayton.

Forgiato Forged Wheels
Manufacturer of forged wheels for high end vehicles.

Forgitron LLC
Manufacturer of rotary forged aluminum wheels for OE and aftermarket.

Foshan Nanhai Zhongnan Aluminum Wheel
Manufacturer of quality aluminum wheels. Manufacturer of automotive wheels from 10 to 24 inches and motorcycle wheels from 10 to 19 inches. JWL/VIA/SFI certified.

Foundation Productions LLC
Manufacturer of LED wheels.

Fujian Shenlika Aluminum Industry
Manufacturer of aluminum wheels.

Gino Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer of alloy wheels.

GRAF Leichtmetallrader GMBH
Manufacturer of 3 piece light alloy wheels for European and exotic sports cars, luxury sedans and SUV's.

Halibrand Performance Corp. Inc.
Manufacturer of high-volume wheels, body styling kits, rear-axle assemblies, fuel-injection systems, motorcycle wheels, hubs and brake accessories.

Hi-Performance Designs Inc.
Manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheels.

Hiiwo International Industrial Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of automobile accessories and parts, including 4x4 parts, grille guards, aluminum wheels and auto air-compressors.

Hijoin Industrial Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of alloy wheels.

HRE Performance Wheels
Manufacturer of custom three-piece forged-aluminum wheels for high-performance vehicles and SUVs. Custom fitments and widths in 15- to 22-inch diameters.

Hurricane Power Inc.
Manufacturer and importer of performance parts and wheels, headers, racing mufflers, suspension components, and big-brake upgrades.

Hutchinson Industries
Manufacturer of aluminum wheels.

Kinesis Motorsport
Manufacturer of forged one-piece and custom-built three-piece light-alloy wheels for road or racing.

Kinetik LLC
Manufacturer of Avus and automotive wheels and Carlson Mercedes-Benz tuning products.

Konig Motoring Accessories
Manufacturer and exclusive importer of Konig wheels, Privat wheels and Maxxim wheels.

Koya Wheels Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of wheels.

KWR Enterprises Inc.
Manufacturer of alloy wheels.

League Alloy Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer of high performance aluminum alloy wheels.

Lexani Wheel Corporation
Manufacturer of Lexani, Asanti, Forged, Iezzpa, and Mossa alloy wheels.

Mackin Industries Inc.
Manufacturer of wheel accessories and engine accessories. Importer and exporter of quality aluminum wheels and stainlesss-steel exhaust systems, Wheel Mate wheel accessories and Rays-Volk racing wheels.

Mangels Custom Wheels
Brazilian manufacturer of alloy wheels for the OEM's and aftermarket.

MHT Luxury Alloys
Manufacturer of aluminum wheels.

Mickey Thompson Performance
Manufacturer of street, strip, truck and off-road tires, cast-aluminum truck wheels and forged hot rod and drag-racing wheels.

Mizati Luxury Alloy Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer of aluminium-alloy wheels for cars, trucks and SUVs in 18- to 24-inch sizes. All Mizati wheels are made with low-pressure molds.

MOMO Automotive Accessories Inc.
Manufacturer of quality light-alloy road wheels, handcrafted steering wheels and shifter knobs.

Moz Wheels
Manufacturer and distributor of automotive wheels.

Oasis Alloy Wheels
Manufacturer of high-end, one-piece aluminum wheels.

Omega Luxury Wheels/Atlantic Wholesalers
Manufacturer of one-and multipiece aftermarket aluminum alloy wheels in chrome with diamond and black finishes with sizes ranging from 18'' - 26'' and wheel size diamond emblems and letterings for all vehicles.

Player Wheel Group
Manufacturer of wire and aluminum wheels for luxury and SUV applications on import and domestic cars and trucks.

Polo Wheels and Karizzma Wheels
Manufacturer and designer of Polo and Karizzma luxury alloy wheels.

Prestige Autotech Corp.
Manufacturer of Panther Custom Wheels, Akuza Road Concepts and Devino Road Concepts, Incubus Alloys and Martin Brothers Alloys for North, Central and South America.

Primax Wheel Corp.
Manufacturer of aluminum wheels. Custom designs and private labels also available.

Prime Wheel Corp.
Manufacturer of the Prime Wheel line, both aluminum and steel.

Prototech Industries Inc.
Manufacturer of billet accessories and wheels.

Ronal Wheel USA
Manufacturer of aftermarket/OEM alloy wheels in 13- to 22-inch sizes for most cars, trucks and SUVs. German-made and QS 9000- and TUV-certified.

Sincity Wheel Inc
Manufacturer aluminum wheels.

SO-CAL Speed Shop
Manufacturer of hot rod parts and related clothing. Builder of traditional-style custom cars, hot rods and motorcycles. Manufacturer of late-model suspension systems.

Speedy Wheels Inc.
Importer of alloy wheels, auto parts and accessories.

SPW Inc./Vellano Forged Wheels
Manufacturer of 3 piece forged wheels and distributor of performance parts and accessories for Japanese sport compacts.

Stamford Sport Wheels Company Ltd.
Manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheels.

Steve Millen Sportparts Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of performance brakes, superchargers, turbos, suspension, wheels, engine management, urethane and accessories.

Stonewell International Corp.
Manufacturer of aluminum alloy wheels.

Stop-N-Go Spinners
Manufacturer of aluminum wheels. Ornamental wheel decoration.

Sumec Group
Manufacturer of alloy aluminum wheels in China.

Manufacturer of forged wheels for the OE market.

Team Dynamics Inc.
Manufacturer of one-piece aluminum, high-performance custom wheels available in 15- to 22-inch sizes in silver, white, anthracite-gray, high-power silver, racing and street use.

Team Three Wheels Inc.
Manufacturer of ET wheels, Team Three wheels and one-off custom wheels. Wheel polishing, drilling and widening also avaiable.

Topline Products
Manufacturer of Verde custom wheels, OE wheel replicas, wheel accessories, lugnuts, wheel locks, hubcaps, valve stems and capacity for contracy manufacturing of custom wheels.

Tristar Global Inc.
Manufacturer of Pinnacle alloy and racing wheels.

TSW Alloy Wheels
Manufacturer of TSW alloy wheels.

U.S. Wheel Corp.
Manufacturer of one, two and three piece forged aluminum wheels, steel wheels, and the assemblies for OEM trailer manufacturers.

Ultimate Product Corp.
Manufacturer and distributor of Genx and Drag wheels, and exclusive distributor of Isudo stainless-steel exhaust products and Cuzo lighting products.

Ultra Wheel Co.
Manufacturer of cast-aluminum one-piece wheels under the brand names of Arelli, Focal Wheels, Platinum and Ultra Wheels.

United Wheel Corp.
Manufacturer of automotive wheels, undercarriage truck parts and accessories.

Vault Wheels
Manufacturer of aluminum wheels.

Vision Custom Wheels
Manufacturer of Vision Wheels and several tire lines.

Voxx Products Inc.
Manufacturer of custom wheels and accessories.

Walker Evans Enterprises
Manufacturer of bead-lock wheels, simulated bead-lock wheels, and performance shocks for on- or off-road applications, used on sport trucks, SUVs, recreational and race vehicles.

Weld, Greg Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of one-piece and multi-piece forged wheels for cars, trucks and SUVs. Brands include its core Greg Weld Design line, M2 Forged Luxury wheels, Greg Weld Off-Road and Greg Weld Vintage line.

Wheel and Tire Corp.
Manufacturer and distributor of high end alloy wheels.

Wheel Vintiques Inc.
Manufacturer of various styles of aluminum and steel wheels, caps, trim rings and lugnuts.

WTW Corp.
Manufacturer of single-piece and modular high-end wheels for most car and SUV applications in sizes up to 28 inches.

Yuan Feng Industrial Co. Ltd.
Manufacturer and exporter of steel and aluminum wheels.

Zenetti Wheel
Manufacturer and designer of Zenetti aftermarket alloy chromed and painted wheels.

Zent Group Co. Ltd
Manufacturer of alloy wheels.

Zhejiang Dawning Industrial Co., Ltd.
Manufacturer of alloy wheels.

Zyoxx Wheels
Manufacturer of luxury alloy wheels.

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