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Car Care Products

303 Products Inc.
Manufacturer of 303 aerospace cleaners, wiper treatments, windshield tablets, high-tech fabric guard, spot remover and 303 fabric and windshield cleaner.

3M Automotive Aftermarket Division
Manufacturer of a broad range of products, including abrasives, body repair fillers and putties, paint masking, sealers, coatings, adhesives, respirators, glass replacement, vinyl pinstriping, paint protection film and fuel system cleaning products.

American Shine Car Care Products
Manufacturer of car-care products, including liquid carnauba waxes, polishes and cleaners used in summer or winter.

Boriler International Inc.
Manufacturer of microfiber products, cleaning and drying cloths, dusting mitts, dust mops, cotton terry towels and cotton wipers, as well as automotive lighting.

Collinite Corp.
Manufacturer of cleaners and waxes in liquid paste form.

Exclusive distributor of the DirtGuard auto wash system.

Dye Pro International
Manufacturer of carpet dye and application systems, plus distribution of cleaning agents, plastic carpet covers and other carpet-related products.

Eagle One Industries
Manufacturer of premium car-care products, wheel cleaners, waxes, polishes and tire dressings.

Flitz International Ltd.
Manufacturer of Flitz metal polish, paint and fiberglass restorer, Flitz liquid metal polish and Flitz wax. Features new polishing, buffing balls and microfiber polishing cloths.

Flynn Distributors Inc.
Manufacturer of automotive, recreational vehicle and aircraft cleaning products.

Forever Car Care Products
Manufacturer of Forever Black car-care products, a silicone-free, high-end car-care product for the aftermarket industry.

Golden Crest Trading Inc.
Manufacturer of the Windshield Wonder designed to help clean the inside front and back windows in all vehicles.

Harris International Laboratories
Manufacturer of biodegradable non-hazardous and non-toxic rust remover.

Hi-Lustre Products Inc.
Manufacturer of car-care products, including polishes, waxes, cleaners and Allied detailing accessories.

Manufacturer of Lexol conditioner and pH cleaner designed to safely clean and protect leather upholstery, and Vinylex protectant for vinyl, rubber and plastic care.

Meguiar's Inc.
Manufacturer of specialized products for every automotive surface, including paint, wheels, tires and interiors, for both the consumer and professional markets.

Mothers Polishes-Waxes-Cleaners
Manufacturer of quality automotive appearance chemicals for both consumers and professional auto body and detail specialists.

Original California Car Duster Co.
Manufacturer of the Original California Car Duster, Original California Mini-Duster/Dash Duster, Original California Water Blade and other car-care products.

Parasol, Inc.
Manufacturer of dyes, and paints for vinyl, leather, plastic, rubber, met- al, concrete and other synthetic surfaces. Polishes, cleaners, and condi tioners, and fillers of all kinds. (Metal, wood, plastic fiberglass, etc.)

PDQ Precision Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of aqueous waterless cleaning systems.

RJ Star Inc.
Manufacturer and distributor of the Wizards line of automotive surface care products.

S & J International Inc.
Manufacturer of microfiber products for auto detailing, washing and drying, including towels, mittens and sponges.

Shining Monkey Inc.
Manufacturer of car-care products.

Treatment Products Ltd.
Manufacturer of quality chemicals, waxes, color waxes, polishes and cleaners, rust proofing, paint sealant and undercoating, professional reconditioning products, contract packaging and private labels, custom formulation

Tropi-Care Car Care Products LLC
Manufacturer of interior and exterior surface care products, and distributor of buffing machines and accessories, including microfiber towels and applicators.

Turtle Wax Inc.
Manufacturer of car care products for over 50 years, including Turtle Wax Platinum Series, Super Hard Shell, Marvel Mystery Oil and CD2.

WheelWax LLC
Manufacturer of wheel and tire appearance products.

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