Your SUSPENSION isn't just for looking cool!

.....Your Suspension isn't just for looking cool. Why is it so important? Well lets begin with a vehicle that is all original OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or just say it, a plain old stock vehicle. The manufacturer engineered this vehicle with Weight, HP (Horse Power) and Suspension in mind for what the vehicle was intended for, mainly as a passenger type road vehicle. Very rarely do manufacturers engineer a vehicle to have parts above and beyond the minimum requirements for a passenger type vehicle. There are exceptions to the rule if you know your specialty cars like for example, Subaru STI, ZO6 Corvette's, Toyota SUPRA etc...

.....With all sorts of upgrades that you can do for your vehicle from Lambo door kits to 30" wheels, 200 pounds of stereo and video equipment, suspension raising and lowering kits. This all plays a roll on how your vehicle will ultimately handle. I am sure you are asking, why would my new 2" lowering racing springs have to do with making my suspension more dangerous. It won't if you upgrade them correctly.

.....Well lets begin with braking down the basics of your suspension. There is a Shock or a Strut and some sort of coiled spring or a curved piece of metal called a leaf spring. When you hit a bump, the suspension compresses. The Shock absorbs the energy of the bump, the Spring decompresses the Shock to its original position but as the spring decompresses its self the Shock slows down the spring rate. If you take out one of these components it would be a very hash ride if not extremely dangerous. I know everyone at one time or another has seen an older car bouncing up and down the road. This is because the Shock has lost it's dampening power, the spring is just left to bounce the vehicle up and down. This also goes for people who want a stiffer, lower ride on a budget and buy just lowering springs, because they believe that lowering the center of gravity and a stiffer spring rate, will make the vehicle handle better. In fact that they may have just made the vehicle more dangerous and have less control in corners and stopping than with their stock or OEM suspension. Why? well with upgraded stiffer spring rate, your stock or OEM Shocks can not handle the demands of a tighter and lower spring. Now they bounce all over the road and when you are bouncing especially in a turn, the vehicle is actually lifting its weight off of the ground causing your tires to make less contact with the road. Now the vehicle is in less control than the OEM suspension with a little body roll, staying in control. Lowering the center of gravity and stiffing your suspension can make quite a difference in the handling of your vehicle only if the shock and springs are made for the application you are trying to achieve. If you can not properly handle your vehicle or your vehicle is not properly handling, then you are not in control of it.

.....When upgrading your vehicle don't forget that you are moving a 3000 pound plus vehicle at high speeds. When you upgrade, take into consideration what other aspects of your car might be affected. Also quality parts are always the way to go, buying cheap parts just might put you and someone else in harms way. Its fine to have the show and the go, but do it responsibly and don't forget the critical elements of your vehicle that might have changed when you added your upgrades.

Keep it Real, Keep it Safe, Peace.

Written By:
Edd Costner

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