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Hankook Tire Ventus V12 evo K110

.....Igotboost.com had the opportunity to interview Bill Bainbridge at this year's SEMA show to get a heads up on Hankook's new Ventus V12 evo K110 performance tire. Mr. Bainbridge immediately began informing us on the rigorous research and development that started 12-14 months prior. Hankook challenged it's engineers to take it's high performance tire to the next level from a performance standpoint but also employ a visually appealing tread design. What was born is the new Ventus V12 evo K110, with fantastic handling capabilities in wet and especially dry road conditions. The new proprietary technology inside the tire carcass construction helps maximize more of the footprint of the tire on the road, and also aids when emergency or spirited driving is required. Hankook is on track to offer up to 60 sizes by spring 2008 varying from 25-50 aspect ratio and 17-21 inch rim sizes. The new 3D technology developed by Hankook not only looks sharp with it's beveled edges and eye tripping tread design but its also helps with high speed stability and precise cornering. Mr. Bainbridge explained to igotboost.com that a tire's tread blocks have a tendency to "roll over" in high speed cornering situations, but Hankook's engineers have resolved this issue from a performance standpoint using 3D tread design. The new Ventus V12 evo K110 is targeted towards the car enthusiast that wants to purchase a plus 1 or 2 tire and rim combo to enhance their particular vehicles handling and looks. So if your in the market for a tire that will give you confidence in any summer driving condition, Hankook's Ventus V12 will surely put a smile on your face.

.....Oh yeah, just to let you guys know Hankook's professional race season is still on track to campaign the JIC/Hankook Porsche 993 GT-2 in drifting and time attack competition events. Other exciting news is Hankook Tire and Corsa Motorsports have reached an agreement for Hankook to be a sponsor and the exclusive tire supplier for Corsa Motorsports, and will compete in the 2008 American Le Mans Series (ALMS) in the GT2 Class.

Written and Interviewed By
Court Shanken

Bill Bainbridge
Director Brand Communication

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