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Cold Temps and Tough Driving Conditions


Simple Tips Protect Your Vehicle During Cold Temps and Tough Driving Conditions

.....Winter weather is just around the corner, and with it come salty, sandy roads, cold starting conditions and sluggish performance for your vehicle. But a few simple tips from 3M Car Care can give your vehicle the equivalent of a water-resistant, protective coat for the outside and a warm cup of cocoa inside.

.....“Winter preparation is more important than spring cleanup for your car,” said John Mailand, technical services manager for 3M Retail Automotive. “The harsh weather can be hard on your car’s mechanical systems, while tough road conditions can wreak havoc on your car’s exterior. With a few easy maintenance projects this fall, you can really improve the performance of your vehicle this winter and enhance the longevity for years to come.”

.....Mailand knows a few things about winterizing vehicles from his many years in the freezing Minneapolis climate. While 3M engineers complete thorough testing of their products and recommended processes in the laboratory, Mailand and his team take their testing to the streets. In fact, they field tested the new 3M Performance Finish last winter and found it stood up to 50 washes without losing its shine or protective qualities.

3M Car Care Recommends Exterior Clean-Up and Protection

.....For the car’s exterior, the key is to get all of the exterior finishes cleaned and prepared for a protective winter coat, then keep damaging salt and sand off of the car’s finish throughout the winter.

The top 10 tips include:

1. Give it a good bath with 3M Car Wash Soap to remove summer dirt and grime without removing wax protection

2. Remove the tar and debris from summer road work with 3M Adhesive and Wax Remover. Just rub it on with a microfiber cloth, let sit for a few minutes to loosen dirt, old wax and tar, then wipe off

3. Clean the wheels and tires with 3M Wheel and Tire Cleaner to remove brake dust and highway grime

4. Restore tires to brand new finish with 3M Tire Restorer. Just spray on and wipe off for a deep black luster. 3M Tire Restorer is also good for restoring black plastic bumpers and door handles to showroom style

5. Protect the clean finish on the wheel hubs or rims with 3M Performance Finish. Just wipe on and wipe off. Not only will it stand up to months of car washes, it also will endure sleet, snow and sludge on winter streets

6. Remove surface scratches with 3M One Step Cleaner Wax. This easy to apply wax eliminates surface scratches and restores the shine to the paint finish in one easy step

7. Give the car a good protective coat of 3M Performance Finish. This innovative finish, which chemically bonds with clear coat finishes, keeps the car’s finish looking good through up to 50 washes. And it is simple to apply with no hazing – just wipe on and wipe off in minutes using a 3M Microfiber Cloth without any worries for residue left in cracks and crevices

8. Get the glass clean inside and out with 3M Glass Cleaner, which has a unique vertical cling to prevent drips and is safe to use on glass, plastic, chrome, metal and painted surfaces

9. Protect the upholstery with 3M Leather and Vinyl Restorer, which revives the natural sheen and soft feel of the factory finish

10. Clean the car’s carpet with 3M Carpet Cleaner and protect from winter salt and dirt with 3M Scotchgard™ Fabric and Upholstery Protector spray

“Once you’ve cleaned and protected your car, all you need to do is wash it at least once a month to remove damaging salt and sand,” added Mailand. “When spring comes, you’ll be ready to ride with a great-looking car.”

Give Your Car Some Extra Protection for Winter Wear

.....It isn’t just the exterior of the car that needs a little extra protection for winter – so be sure to check the car’s mechanical system, fluids and components. 3M recommends seven easy tasks that can be done at home to improve the car’s performance during cold weather, including:

1. Prevent rough idling, which can be worse in the winter, with 3M Throttle Plate and Carb Cleaner. Just spray it on to the throttle plate to clean, lubricate and increase engine performance

2. Add 3M Complete Fuel System Cleaner to clean fuel injectors, intake valves and combustion chambers for maximum power and fuel economy

3. Check the tire pressure and fill to the manufacturer's recommendation. Cold weather decreases tire pressure, which can lead to blown tires in the winter – not a great time to have to change a tire

4. Prepare door, hood and trunk hinges, locks and other moving parts with 3M Multi-Purpose Spray Lubricant. This lubricant is four products in one – it lubricates, penetrates, displaces water and resists corrosion

5. Flush the coolant system and add fresh antifreeze – don't be tempted to just top off from the previous year because older antifreeze can damage the car's coolant system

6. Check the battery. If it is four years or older, it might be a good time to replace it, particularly if the car is operated in a cold climate

7. Consider changing the oil to a lower viscosity for colder temperature

....."You never want to send your car out in the cold unprotected. Now you can do your own winter car maintenance quickly and cost efficiently – from the comfort of your own garage," said Mailand. "At 3M Car Care, we're focused on providing consumers – whether new DIYers or automotive enthusiasts – the smart solutions to get the job done right, all backed by 3M's trusted science and innovation."

.....The 3M Car Care product line is a comprehensive line of 3M products for automotive maintenance. The innovative product line includes performance cleaning products, waxes, compounds, glazes, adhesives, abrasives and specialty products, previously available exclusively to the professional market. 3M's Automotive Aftermarket Division serves the automobile owner and hobbyist as well as professional body shop, recreational vehicle and mechanical service markets.

The 3M Car Care product line can be found at leading automotive aftermarket retailers and online through select distributors. For more information on 3M Car Care products, visit www.3Mcarcare.com.


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