2008 Lexus IS F
5.0L 416HP RWD
8-speed auto

.....It's funny when people are asking each other 'what does the 'F' stand for?', for the all new Lexus IS F. I'll tell you guys and gals right now that it stands for 'FANTASTIC', and a dozen other colorful words that you and I can come up with. I recently drove the all new Lexus IS F at the Motor Trend proving grounds located at this years SEMA show.

.....The line was short which was very surprising but you could notice the ear to ear grins on peoples faces after completeing their lap around the test track. Before it was our turn to drive we asked the proving ground director if it was okay to video tape the test run from the inside of the car not knowing if we were over stepping any track rules. To my surprise everything was a go and I was first to mash the throttle around the track with igotboost.com's president Edd Costner video taping from the backseat.

.....I pulled up to the starting line poised with anticipation which was short lived. The Lexus represenative seating in the passenger seat said, ' hammer it', my 14' size lead foot slammed the throttle pedal instantly accerlating the Lexus IS F from 0-60 mph 4.7 seconds. The stop line came up very fast which prompted me to hit the brake pedal engaging the 14.2 inch Brembo brakes decerlerating us with control and extreme confidence. Next section of the course was the skidpad test, which is where we had lots of fun trying to get the rear end to spin out, but never succeeded in doing so. After almost making myself sick taking tight 40mph right turn circles we came up to a quick right then left turn which is were the Lexus IS F put two car guys into wanting to sign on the dotted line.

....All it took was a couple minutes of drive time and the IS F had me thinking 'IS Finance'. Below are some spec's about the all new Lexus IS F which I'm sure have the German's in a 'Frenzy'.

5.0L V8
416 hp @ 6800 rpm
371lb-ft @ 5200 rpm
6800 rpm redline
0.91g skidpad
13.0 seconds @ 111.7 mph 1/4 mile
8 spd auto makes gear changes in 100 ms.

happy boostin'
Court Shanken

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