When to Upgrade your BRAKES?

.....Why are brake system upgrades so important? Well lets begin with a vehicle that is all original OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or just say it, a plain old stock vehicle. The manufacturer engineered this vehicle with Weight, HP (Horse Power) and Suspension in mind for what the vehicle was intended for, mainly as a passenger type road vehicle. Very rarely do manufacturers engineer a vehicle to have parts above and beyond the minimum requirements for a passenger type vehicle. There are exceptions to the rule if you know your specialty cars like for example, Subaru STI, ZO6 Corvette's, Toyota SUPRA etc...

.....So that being said, if you go and add a highflow air intake filter to your vehicle you have just added additional horsepower and torque to it. Not including a new exhaust system, headers, boost controller or even a turbo upgrade. Now you are going faster and quicker than the manufacturer originally designed the vehicle to go. Also with the new look of vehicles with 17" up to 30" custom wheels add a lot of weight to your vehicle, including inertia to your axles that transmits directly to your braking system. With your stock braking system now trying to handle this upgraded demand. Well it may handle this just fine depending on the upgrade, or it maybe working extra hard and prematurely wearing out your braking system. Or it may have even become very unsafe to drive, for you and everyone else on the road.

.....When upgrading your vehicle don't forget that you are moving a 3000 pound plus vehicle at high speeds and when it is time to stop, being in traffic or in an emergency situation when the little kid around the corner from your home chases his basket ball in front of your vehicle. You can not stop quickly enough to prevent hitting him. Its fine to have the show and the go, but do it responsibly and don't forget the critical elements of your vehicle that might have changed when you added your upgrades.

Keep it Real, Keep it Safe, Peace.

Written By:
Edd Costner


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